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She grins at me, reading my mind, and ready for more.

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Fuck, she's perfect. Darlene struggles to keep up with me, so I stop chat gratis latin throw her over my shoulder. She laughs and kicks her legs out, pretending for all of two seconds to fight me.

You hauling me away from the library and into bed? I pinch her ass, then rub away the sting. She gasps, and I worry I said too much. Darlene giggles as I land a light smack on her upper thighs. Yeah, this woman is mine forever.

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Aside from missing Freya like crazy, life is perfect. At least Matteo gave me a phone to keep so I adult online chat saint quentin call and text her as much as I want. I think Matteo texts more than I do. I smile to myself while picking out my clothes for the day.

See a problem?

I love him. I love him chat room for phone much, more than I thought I could ever love anyone. We haven't had "the talk" yet, but I'm pretty sure he feels the same way.

Besides the sweet texts, he also quick free chat the most beautiful things when we're making love. Even when we're fucking hard and fast, it's still making love.

I can feel it in the way he holds me afterward, how he presses tender kisses on my heated skin, and whispers that I'm his. I want to be his.

His tesoro. God, when he told me what that meant…that was the moment I knew he was it for me.

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I knew I'd never find anyone like him. He thinks I'm a treasure.

Surely, he doesn't want to get rid of me once the threat is over, but then again, he's never mentioned me staying longer than that. I plan on having that find friends online free chat with him tonight when I get back from lunch with Freya.

Matteo insisted on me using his driver, as well as taking a big, beefy foot soldier, as he called him. He eventually relented when Luca and Rocco, an enforcer, told him about some important business that needed his attention. Matteo made me promise to call him before I left and as soon as I got back. I'm all ready to meet my best friend. I selected sex chat cataract wisconsin lovely wrap dress that accentuates my curves like pretty much everything else in here.

The dress is deep blue, which makes my eyes pop. I pair it with some cute sandals, though heels might be more appropriate.

I've never worn heels, however, so I figured I'd go with safer footwear for now. Tony dips his head again in acknowledgment, making me smile free cyber sex chat roll my eyes once he's turned away from me.

The tall foot soldier with boulders for shoulders who was ased as my protection detail is campbell town chat black girls for Tony and me by the door to the underground parking garage. I try introducing myself to him since I didn't get his name earlier, but he doesn't say anything.

I guess he's really into his job. I could also see Matteo ordering him not to speak to me. That's just the kind of possessive thing he would do.

I don't mind. No one has ever wanted me all to themselves before. The older man narrows his eyes slightly, giving me a strange look that makes my stomach sink for some reason. The big, silent bodyguard surprises me by getting into the back seat with me.

For some reason, I thought free chat lines take the front seat. It's kind of crowded in the small black sedan we're riding in.

These men are probably as unfamiliar with this situation as I am, so it makes sense things would feel stilted and uncomfortable. His sharp tone startles me, but I recover quickly. He wanted me to check in with him before I meet my friend. What else would I tell him? Why, then, do I feel anything but fine? Swallowing down my nerves, I do as he says. Matteo picks up on the first ring, which tamps down my worry and makes me smile.

I like the idea of one of the most formidable men in Chicago waiting free local teen chat the phone for me.

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You deserve everything I could ever give you and more. He chuckles, the rich sound pouring better adult dating chatting wives i plymouth my skin and making me feel at ease once again. Like to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.

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