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Natalie was accompanying her husband to Washington D. Out of nowhere, like a lightening bolt, the idea hit her! She would do Washington D. While the other ladies in their high society social circle may have snubbed their noses at such an idea, Natalie supported her friend, free adult chat rooms no credit card was always very intrigued by the concept, secretly wondering if she would ever have an opportunity to take a dip in the hot, male escort pool. Now was her chance!

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Attorney Jay Stephens confirmed the investigation into alleged credit card duplicate billings after The Washington Times reported that the ring was patronized by Reagan and Bush administration officials, congressional aides and one of its own former editors.

One of a handful of individuals named in the Times article, Paul R. Balach, reed Thursday evening. Balach, who said he was a victim of the overbillings, said he quit to spare the department any disruption.

Secret Service agents and District of Columbia police raided a house in a posh section of the city on two occasions, in February and May. In applying better first dates porn chat free the search warrant, District police Det. Gerald W. During the raids, officers confiscated multi-line telephones, paging devices, credit card imprinters, numerous bank statements, credit card slips and a diary of the escort business, according to an inventory filed in U.

District Court. The Washington Times said it has obtained a of credit card slips and it identified individuals who paid for services including Balach.

Labor Department sources said Balach had decided Thursday morning to take a sexy chat kumily days annual leave after being named by the Times as a patron of the alleged male prostitution service. The paper said Balach claimed that an escort he had hired later fraudulently used his credit cards.

The Times quoted unnamed witnesses and law enforcement agents as saying the Secret Service kept one box of seized files containing names and sex chat free dawn missouri information about high-level government officials who were clients of the male escort business. Law enforcement officials familiar with the probe said investigators have obtained credit card receipts and phone logs linking additional political figures to the prostitution ring.

The officials refused to be quoted by name or provide additional details. Robert Snow, a spokesman for the Secret Service, said its agents are working for Stephens.

He said the U. The Times said Stanley Mark Tapscott, one of its former assistant managing editors, was among those who used escort services. Tapscott, who reed June 20, said he had not paid for sexual services of any kind, but was conducting an investigation into dial-a-porn services.

Another individual identified by the Times as a patron of the escort services was Charles K. Chat bingo, former associate director of presidential personnel in the Reagan administration.

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